— About working staff

Hi I’m not here to complain about big basket products or delivery, I’m here to tell the big basket HR’S and management, 4 months back a person joined in big basket as a cashier
In white field hub & is now working in ayyappanagar hub for fixed salary he was the person who joined work with empty hands and now by making fraud in big basket he has done by 45 to 50 lakhs amount, it may sounds funny but he with his colleagues made more forgeries like dealing in van amount, return products, wantedly putting as damaged products, and sodexo etc., this is y big basket customers r very depressed by miss understanding this is a serious matter HR’S and Management please take care that person is also brought site of 40 lakhs in byappanahalli near hoskote, and also giving amount for daily rotation if u don’t believe me u can enquire in background, if u guys don’t take it seriously ill definitely prove it by showing evidence to CEO Hari Menon the same way hope u take an action, y I’m writing it here bcuz everyone must know about it and no action results in media news and finally his name is Seena cashier in ayyappanagar big basket hub

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