Bluedart -Shipment no. 14203753675 delivered late leading to loss incurred by consumer

The shipment was done on 23rd May 2014 from Kolkata marked as “MOST URGENT” and charged accordingly. It was promised by Bluedart to arrive Ahmedabad on 24th May 2014 however on calling up the customer service on 24th May 2014 it was confirmed that due to a failure on Bluedart’s part the shipment has not even left Kolkata and therefore cannot be expected to arrive on 24th May 2014. It was explained by me that it is very important that I get the shipment(tatkal train ticket) as else I will not be able to take the train to Kolkata and will incur a lot of cost for any alternatives. I had requested to arrange for the shipment to reach me anyhow else would seek a compensation from Bluedart for any cost incurred by me because of failure on the part of the company.
The representative confirmed a call back with a status update however I did not receive any calls on the same.
Finally I had to pay the charges for the duplicate ticket which costed me Rs. 4210 and for which I am looking for a compensation from Bluedart.
I have repeatedly called Bluedart(4th, 7th,9th June) for a compensation however only got a call back on 9th June from Seema where i was asked to send the call recording wherein i had asked for a compensation. I have send the same on 9th June to [email protected] however again i have not heard anything from the company yet after chasing them on 10th June for a response.

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