Bonnie – Bonnie Kurowski

Reported By: Cindy

Contact information:
Bonnie Clermont Florida



I am making a complaint about many FAKE Facebook accounts

Cynthia Brzana Victims page

Teresa Bhoj puppet page
Fight against extremism
The citizens OF a better Bolingbrook

Many more

Bonnie sees fit to write articles using aliases and hiding behind the fact she says she is a reporter/journalist

This needs to stop.
Make doxes by posting pictures of houses with addresses. She posts license plates etc

I’m calling for someone to take down these fake page and false information

She laughs and posts under her business name IL reporter. Also has Fight for Illinois

I don’t understand this because she lives at 3033 Santa Maria Ave in Clermont Florida

She has sued her own HOA (Verde Ridge)

Has filed many “false” police reports
The police have been to her house and say she is not credible


How to file a complaint against Bonnie

* Go to page
* Write Bonnie in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Bonnie

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  1. I would like every one to know of Ms Bonnie Kurowsk aka Kurowski

    She ran for Mayor of Bolingbrook back in 2009 and LOST

    She sued Bolingbrook and LOST

    She fled to Clermont Florida and sued her own community for the trademark and LOST

    She was sued by a group of people including watchdogs and a very intelligent business woman (whom she was so very jealous of) in the community of a Bolingbrook and LOST

    She sued a group of good people and LOST

    She is now on her 4th bankruptcy and I hope she LOSES her house!

    She has three at least three commitments (she signed her name to paper) to pay back the money she borrowed, now flippantly thinks the rest of the world should pay her bills. Mindless, irresponsible spending

    DIGNITY? she asked for DIGNITY? How can one have any with the choices she makes? The harm she tries to do do others?

    She borrows and overspends, lives beyond her means and thinks the good people and tax payers are to pay off her ever climbing debts

    She traversed the country in a motor home which was repossessed If that were not enough she then purchased another in which she will turn that over instead of making the payments she signed a written contract to purchase

    What does a contract mean to her? What does her signature mean?

    The very signature she used to sign an APOLOGY LETTER (which will forever be on the internet for all to read and know her character)! DIGNITY, you name me laugh

    Apparently she has been through many “men”, “boys” etc in a quest to feel important

    Did she charge rent in a homeowners association and turn it into a bed and breakfast? I heard there is documentation of her charging money and calling it an AIR B and B of sorts

    What other schemes has she tried and FAILED AT?


    She is suing the board of education and I hope WILL and SHOULD LOSE

    She alleged she housed and rehabbed, was “Mother” to many young boys and men in her house

    Ms Kurowski speaks of and wishes KARMA upon everyone. We can only return the favor


    Ms Kurowski hides behind the term “journalist “, “investigative reporter” etc. how is that going for her? Not so well

    She’s been through two divorces at present along with 4 bankruptcies. All in her forties. They say age is just a number. What is her number?

    DIGNITY! Ha! Ya! That’s pretty funny coming out of her mouth. She writes a document to the judge asking for the record to be sealed on her forth bankruptcy for her DIGNITY!

    She home schools a child. I heard she pushed that very child in a stroller to the bus stop (at an age where children are to old to be pushed) Cut in line in front of others, talked badly to the other mothers while she wanted to be addressed as DOCTOR ALICEA

    oh yes! Another name or Bonnie Kurowski. Alicea, along with Welch

    I wonder if she should ever do a memoir. What that would look like pen you paper!

    Another fantasy of her twisted tales

    Oh Bonnie, there is so much more

    So much more to tell…..

    I will leave it here at DIGNITY


  2. Just a quick link to more of Bonnie’s delusions
    No PHD
    Capella booted her out of the program
    Lost 2 Federal Lawsuits 1 in Fl, and 1 in Illinois
    She has lost many lawsuits in Illinois and Florida, you can do your own research.
    She lives in Lake County Fl, but states she is a world renowned Journalist, when in fact she was rehabilitating boys and men drug addicts and homeless men, in her own home while still married and a minor child in the home. She has proven to be a Rope Rigger, Dom Mom, she like to tie people up for those kind of favors. And gets paid to do it. She runs Project Change Consultants LLC out of Fl. She ran this same company out of Bolingbrook Illinois prior to being ran out of Illinois. We don’t believe she is a danger to anyone but herself. But she does need well checks, and people need to stop feeding her chocolate, that is like feeding Furbies water. I hope her new BF, she has many, in many states. Can help her find her way, and help her to lead a full and happy life. However we doubt he will last long. He is only with her for the DOM stuff.
    All of your neighbors.