Bouncing of FD repayment cheques.

FD No.NLL/15151. Amount Rs 1.0 Lac and FD No. 15152 Amount Rs 1.0 Lac. in the names of N.Venkiteswaran and Ananthy Venkat respectively.Cheques for Repayment of principal amount were presented to their Bank . Both cheques, cheque Nos 051463 and 051464 dated 2.5.14 for Rs 1.0 lac each were returned with the comments – Funds Insufficient.There is only one Mobile No. known to the public.09909954176. It is always switched off.e-mail and letters are not replied. We do not know what to do to get our hard earned money back from this fraud company.Letters and e-mails to their Chairman and General Manager also are not replied.
We are very old senior citizens and loss of this money will put us into big hardship. Can anyone including that company employees help us in getting back our pricipal amount and cumulative interest.

N.Venkiteswaran. Mob. 09258062202.

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