Budget Exim Pvt. Ltd – santosh nagar, Hyderabad – biggest ethnic less frauds

Hi I am just a house wife wanted to earn some thing by managing some data entry business… I got this fraud company by name: Budget Exim Pvt. Ltd, Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad through a consultant firm called Crescent IT services, Wilson Garden, Bangalore. I paid hefty consultation fee to this crescent IT services to get in touch with this Budget Exim Pvt.Ltd hyderabad for data entry project. (These 2 company`s have internal arrangement to cheat people). After this I was introduced to Mr.Mohammad Ali and Mr.Mohammad Malik of Budget Exim. These 2 promised the data entry project and asked Rs.50, 000/- as deposit.They denied any DD, Cheque and On-line transfer keeping urgency and last dates to get the projects as excuses. Being really stupid on this matter, I paid them cash of Rs.50, 000/- and came back to Bangalore expecting project. Its been 3 months since i paid. No contacts and and no reply`s. When I called them from different number, Mr.Picked up the call and after hearing my name, he claimed the number is not of Ali and spoke in telugu. I am devastated of this cheating I lost nearly Rs.1, 00, 000/- because of this.
Fortunatly I have audio and small video recording of the transavctions we did at hydrabad. I beg any one with the same experince to message me back so that we can go to police.

Now these people have 2 fraud websites namely
1. http://wavexit.com/
2. http://budjetexim.com/ both of them are one and the same and even the same content.
Please contact me if any body out there.

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  1. Abdul Aziz Khan

    Abdul Aziz Khan Alias Aftab Khan Alian Aziz Amer Khan >> All the three names are of a single person from hyderabad. He shows himself as an Financer. He bluffs people showing pictures of money and diamonds and jewellery. He visits other cities with his team. He has three different identities like Adhaar Card, Driving License and Voting Card. He also has many fake passports. This person is highly motivated to steal, rob and kidnap people. His leg is crippled, he cannot walk properly. He shows himself that he is rich but in real he is a poor thief. Wherever he goes, he stays in the hotel and eats the expensive food and he does not pay the bill of the hotel. The names mentioned above are his names used to bluff people. He says that he is married to a woman named as ‘Naaz’ and she works for WIPRO as a senior manager in Boston, United Kingdom. He uses a Nokia N series mobile, golden brown in color. He travels with a black bag. He does not stay in one city more than 2 days. His hotel stay booking is done by someone else by online method. he is accompanied by a person named as ‘Uncle’. Both the persons are Muslim. He can easily fool other people. He is a total fake and FRAUD person. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON. CATCH HIM QUICKLY. BEWARE OF HIM.

  2. Hello madam…
    My name is Krishna and from bangalore too. I also experience the same from these budjet exim pvt ltd hydrabad rascals.
    I have all the evidence needed with photo, audio recording and video.
    Kindly mail me your contact details. I have already approched conmissioner of police regarding this and ur case will further strenghten the case this Mr.Ali is very natorious soft speaking cheat.. My e mail id is [email protected]

    1. Hello Sir, Even I’ve been cheated with this fraud company Budjetexim and Crescent IT services consultants. I lost all my money hoping to start some earnings, I setup the entire office and shut it just one month. I’m still repaying the debts. Looking at your post I got a ray of hope. Please include my complaint in the proceedings. I’ve just sent an email to you. Thanks!