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The company i received a call from is buy4house.. the similar situation was told to me.. i chose an iphone x. a link was sent to pay gst .. when i checked it shows the account of theehomeshop itself.. and the numbers are similar all start with 9355. if i receive anything i will update here

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  1. yes i have also received an a company call from starting no- 9355 and they are saying you are a top 10 lucky winner…and u have a three options to get winning price of iphone x, hp laptop & led tv…nd said to select any one of these and when it was selected from me they said to me to pay a gst of 8% from 18% rest wll pay cmpny…is it real??

    1. Yes I have also received same cal as from no. Starting 9355 and they are saying u have won iphone x and u should pay 6399 as gst 8% and then it will be refunded aftr the phone is delivered

  2. In response to the previous complaint i had registered against i had paid an amount to the company through NEFT for gst, insurance etc etc. i was continously in touch with the company representitives, after which due to the iphone x being defected they promised to transfer the amount of the iphone x to my account. i was made 2 pay two amounts to clear the cheques.. aftr which i was told there was some error from the company side.. and i would receive a product of the amount i have paid.. and also i would recv a refund of the paid amount.. today i have recvd a hp laptop frm the company . Although not of my choice. . i had completely no hope of even recievin anything from them..i am yet to recv my refund .. i wil update youll when i recv the refund.. pls wait before ul go ahead with any payments til then.

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