Colorlife – Wrong order and long delivery wait.

Colorlife Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Georges Lupke Contact information: Colorlife I ordered 2x hair replacement kits from Colorlife in December 2017. I received the delivery today 10 months later and it’s the incorrect order. They sent me 2 cheap men’s toupees/ wig. They don’t respond to complaints at all. Please avoid this company.

HelloCloth – Dresses

HelloCloth Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Legacy Contact information: HelloCloth This operation is a scammer. They will not ship your items or refund your products. They shipped one item which took 2 months, then kept promising to send the other 3 items I paid for. Finally after another month I gave up and asked More – mirror dash cam Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Mike George Contact information: I wish I would have read these reviews first and normally I am not dumb enough to buy anything off of a Facebook ad but I was in the market for something like this and spent $60 on this dashcam mirror with GPS, and More – Slippers delivery Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Tibor Gegeny Contact information: I ordered 2 underarmor slippers from krishnadangi in Januar. I received a package to Hungary in Februar. But it was not my order. It was two total different type Abercrombie slipers, looks fake and really poor quality. I sent my complain letter, and More

Color Life – Robot dog from Color Life – Bait and Switch

Color Life Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Kristi Sayles Contact information: Color Life This is what I ordered: I copied the following from the site I ordered from: Package Content Smart Dog(rechargeable battery included). Remote Controller. Intruction Manual. Rechargeable via USB plug for robot dog. I did NOT get this toy! Mine is More

Private – = Order no.: OESO1777 – Date 19th MNay

Private Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Adriana Contact information: Private My Order No.: OESO1777 – Order Date: 19th May 2018 – Item: Phantom 4 Pro Reality Capture Package With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I have NOT received item the order i had placed and made the payment in advance. After 3 weeks, I More – ROCK LF16-368 smartwatch was ordered on 4th March2018 Order # 3971 ,4008 ,4101 Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Tejkiran Contact information: ROCK LF16-368 Smart watch was ordered on 4th March 2018 . My order # 3971 , 4008 & 4101 . I have still not received my smart watch. I have also made online payments for these watches. The company website is not working , More


LEECO TV Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Moni Kumar Contact information: LEECO TV Sir I Moni Kumar Patnaik purchased a Smart TV for Rs. 40,000/- from LEMALL.Com online site of LEECO TV, I have complaints but there is not service in India right now. Can I claim my money back to the company LEECO-China please More