BUYFUN – QANDIES LIMITED – Smartwatch Radiance a3 frontier not delivered

BUYFUN – QANDIES LIMITED Reviews & Complaints Reported By: cesar augusto marques Contact information: BUYFUN – QANDIES LIMITED O ordered a Smartwatch Radiance a3 frontier and they’ve sent me a crap called Y1. I have sent some emails since the beginning of August and they just ignore. I’m cancelling the payment. Very clear they More

Flydubai – long wait in the air to land in kathmandu with just water served – worst flight I ever had

Flydubai Reviews & Complaints Reported By: js2018 Contact information: Flydubai Hello, I was on a flight (booking ref: EIT3H2 / date: 30/08/18) from London Heathrow to Kathmandu and connecting in Dubai. I changed from Emirates to FlyDubai airlines (EK2355) from Dubai to Kathmandu, which was meant to take 4:40hrs and land at 15:40pm, instead, we More

Astrologer Sadhana – SCAMMER, FRAUD, Identity thief

Astrologer Sadhana Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Miriam Contact information: Astrologer Sadhana The phone number of this company is +91 7087647247. I sent this person 149£ on 25/08/2018 and 235£ on 29/08/2018, through Wester Union first time and MoneyGram the second. The person who took the money is called Kingombe Yese, from India. This More

Oman Air – flight and baggage

Oman Air Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Afzal Adam Contact information: Oman Air United Kingdom I travelled to Dubai from Manchester on 14th Aug with my family. (wy106) Having paid the £35 for extra legroom and receiving confirmation of my seats on row 20, I was still seated on row 24. This is fraud. You More

Movecorp – be-aware

Movecorp Reviews & Complaints Reported By: George GB Contact information: Movecorp Sadly I can relate to your experience also! I recently moved from the Midlands to Dubai so sort of knew the company and had heard the bad press about them recently, but as a local business I thought I would give them a go. More

Movecorp – False promises

Movecorp Reviews & Complaints Reported By: George GB Contact information: Movecorp I had an absolute nightmare with #Movecorp as well. Lots of false promises, overcharging, rudeness, mistakes for which they did not accept fault (“paperwork errors” apparently!). All this resulted in our things (including all our small son’s toys) not leaving the UK for over More

Daily Express – Jonathan Russell Trinity Mirror allows racism.

Daily Express Reviews & Complaints Reported By: AgainstHateAndRacism Contact information: Daily Express Jonathan Russell who is employed by Trinity Mirror has tried to cover-up racist bigot Daily Express employee Becca Husselbee who sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Depraved racist Becca Husselbee has a bestiality fetish judging from her social media posts. Husselbee is also a More

Bells Hotel and Country Club Lord’s Hill, Coleford GL16 8BE, UK – Tom El-Shawk is a racist sympathiser. Please avoid Bells Hotel and Country Club.

Bells Hotel and Country Club Lord’s Hill, Coleford GL16 8BE, UK Reviews & Complaints Reported By: FightingRacistsAndBigots Contact information: Bells Hotel and Country Club Lord’s Hill, Coleford GL16 8BE, UK Tom El-Shawk is friends with racist bigot Becca Husselbee who incites hatred against Muslims. Racist Husselbee works at Caters News Agency and El-Shawk works at More

Bravofly, – booking ref 1238959404 through last-minute.

Bravofly, Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Ijaz Khan Contact information: Bravofly, United Kingdom Dear sir/madam I am sure you will be ok.My name is Ijaz Ali Khan and contacting you regarding my holiday trip which is booked through for 5 nigts from 8th of August to 13th of August 2018.I have family More

Fujitsu – Steve Husselbee Fujitsu employee is a racist.

Fujitsu Reviews & Complaints Reported By: AgainstHatredAndBigotry Contact information: Fujitsu Steve Husselbee an employee at Fujitsu is a hateful racist and bigot who supports Far-Right group Britain First an organisation that has many sex offenders within its ranks as well. Scumbag Steve is a racist. Steve Husselbee’s daughter Becca Husselbee who is More

Caters News Agency – Caters News Agency and MSN employee Becca Husselbee is a racist.

Caters News Agency Reviews & Complaints Reported By: ProtectingVictimsOfRacism Contact information: Caters News Agency Becca Husselbee a racist employee at Caters News Agency and MSN sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Racist Becca Husselbee seems to have a bestiality fetish and her racism towards Muslims is disgusting. Being a racist coward, Husselbee has tried to More