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Reported By: Dhruv Jhamb

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I had gone to Cars24 Kandivali East Mumbai a week back to have my Ford Figo Petrol inspected for Sale. They inspected the car and put it up for Auction. Offered me a price of 1.18Lacs which was the lowest offering from any vendor who had seen my vehicle. Obviously i was not interested as the price was below expectation and i walked out. Received a call from their Mumbai Regional office asking me the reason for backing out and i was blunt enough to tell them that their prices are surly not the best and to not misguide Customers by advertising the same.The Lady who called me asked me my expectation and i told her 1.50Lacs. She told me that she will get back after 2-3 days and called me up yesterday 21-12-18.
I was delighted when she told me that Cars24 is offering me a price of 1.43 Lacs all inclusive of Transfers etc and will charge me 1k as service charge which i agreed to. She took all my details again on whats app (Pan/Aadhar/Car Docs) and offered to transfer a token amount to my Account in some time.
Later again got a call from her and was told that as my car was on loan previously and the NOC (validity 3 Months) has expired and i have not transferred the RC to my name but still hypothecated to the Bank i will need to ask the Bank to issue a new one and submit the same which i confirmed after speaking with the Bank.She again informed me that an amount of 5k will be kept on hold from the final payment i was ok with then again got a Call and the security amount went up to 10k and then 25k which i said if i get in written was ok with.
In the Morning today she again called and told me that the internal process has a change and only after Cars24 HO gives a go ahead with all clearences in place within 48 Hours will the entire amount of 1.42Lacs be transferred but i will have to submit all documents and the Car to them. This was astonishing and i told her that any customer is not Crazy to do this without any payments.After discussing for a few minutes her Senior Ankit came on line and repeated the same thing and i responded by saying if the Processes of a Company can change three times since yesterday how do they want to gain a customers trust.
Really sorry to say i found this to be very weird and untrustworthy.
After going through so much the deal got cancelled and time wasted.

I work for one of the Largest Companies in India and our Business only Strives on Trust and Faith and all our Processes defined very transparently for the Customer.

Need Cars 24 Management to look into this and have corrected,come back to me with a solution and also compensate me for loss of time and Mental Agony.

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