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Posted On: 25/08/2016
By: Julie Finlay

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To whom it may concern

I purchased a New Peugeot 308 GT Line 2016 in January 2016. The car went for its first 15 000km service. At 17 899km the warning lights came on that my vehicle is faulty and need to be repaired the next day the lights went off, I thought it might just be an error as the light went off again the next day.

I contacted Peugeot Roodepoort where I took the car for a service, they advised we bring the vehicle in so they can assess the issues. Unfortunately I do not stay close to Roodepoort – hence this won’t be possible. The light went off the next day.

At 19 519km it came on again and the next day off. Then again at 20 620km the lights came on again, thus I decided to contact Peugeot Klerksdorp where I purchased the car. Peugeot Klerksdorp then suggested I report this with Peugeot SA as the car is still under warranty and then they will make the necessary arrangement to collect the car and deliver it to them in order for them to have a look at the car and see why this is happening.

I explained the problem to both Peugeot SA (Keeran) and Klerksdorp (Morne). I also sent them pictures as proof- I took on each occurrence.

Peugeot does not give a curtesy car unless there are spares ordered to fix the car, so if your car is with them under warranty to resolve the problem (which can easily be a factory fault) you must arrange your own transport.

They vehicle computer was tested and does not show any problem. The concern here is how would one know when there is actually a fault on the car if the lights just go on and off for no apparent reason.

Morne wanted to know if this has happened all at the same spot whilst driving the vehicle because it MIGHT be, “MIGHT” be an interference from a substation or something similar that can activate the warning lights of the car. Alternatively he suggested I leave the car with him to drive until the warning lights come on again then he will put the car back on the machine (which he has already done).


I can collect my car and just let them know when the warning lights is on again then we can repeat the process by me contacting Peugeot SA to collect the car and deliver to them.

Even if it is a factory fault Peugeot does not give a curtesy car until they have determined the problem and if no spares on order- they still will not provide me with a curtesy car, thus I must arrange for my own transport.

None of the above is a solution to my problem. I will not accept a faulty vehicle and be a Guinee pig to Peugeot SA, which is costing me money monthly for this inconvenience on my time. Kareen has come back to me with no solution to date and Morne does not reply unless I contact him for an update and still not resolved. Thus I am currently paying for a new vehicle to have transport which I cannot use, don’t have and still no transport.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this matter as soon as possible.

Many Thanks
Julie Finlay
079 243 3036

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