Cash Now – Agents who Harass with so many calls and unprofessional approached. Very unethical

Reported By: Shan

Contact information:
Cash Now Abu Dhabi
Maybe its or as it is an online application

Let’s say I’m in a bad financial state right at this stage and every Durham is crucial.. I was in bad need for quick cash as I have an emergency for baby. My friend told me about them. So I took it 1 395they give after fees, I ignored the fact that they are greedily charging u 9% interest on top of the fees. I was late on my payment as there waz no salary and no sale. I was able to pay the extension fee which cost almost 200 that I could use for baby milk.

Whats worst about this people are they call non stop and are very unprofessional when they talk, even if you explained to them the situation they still harass and threat you with many things if you don’t pay now. I have back logs on my bank for late payments but never been dealt with this kind of people who is to be honest a torture to one’s mental health and peace.
I just fave birth and my health is not that great yet’ but with their harassment the 1395 that I owe them can’t even buy me my funeral.

This app needs to be taken down if they can’t be more professional and have a proper structure. I consider it stealing and taking advantage to people who are in Dier need of immediate help.

If they continue doing this, I will just stop paying or not pay them at all and if they threaten me again of calling references and they know that’s not allowed I might as well just file another complaint against them. By the way calls normally come between 9 or 10 and it goes on the whole day. Number is 02 7119649

How to file a complaint against Cash Now?

* Go to page
* Write Cash Now in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Cash Now.

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