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My Wife took a loan last MARCH 2023, she provided all necessary requirements correctly for Cash Now. I.d bank account number, mobile number and Full name. Cash now have informed via mail and message that they have succesfuly transferred the Amount but my wife didn’t received or was not notified via mail, via message from the bank or via report thru Bank app of the said amount was credited to her bank card. CASH Now have Mistakenly sent the money to another account, for my wife went to her bank to check the Details sent by cash now that they have completed the transaction/transfer. It showed a different Name and Account number of the reeceiver. From April up to this date, Cash now is consecutively asking for Payment from my wife. And We cannot allow this type of nonsense. On my wife side she correctly provided every single details needed by Cash now. If they transferred it to another account I think it is not our mistake . We have all the Screen shots of the said transfer details from Cash now to the said (different account number) Date of submitting details to cash now, Emails from cash now and photo of the said account number thru Deposit machine/receiver .


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  1. Good morning in my case I’m a customer of cashnow almost 3 years this is my 7 times loan yesterday I fully paid and I renew they approve,successful only bank processing left but until now not come in my account showing also in my cashnow apps bank processing still I just worried because since I start to take loan just 1 hour or 3 hours maximum and get My loan but this time 2 days already.can you help me to follow pls.