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Everybody was right, when we asked for the salary they threated us to terminate, some guys already left the job due to the salary issue, they worked for three months but did not get a single penny. Saurav Gupta(the director) told that he will not pay them and Pravin Gokhale (manager) and Suni(house keeper) also supported him. They call us to work on saturday as well, they are cheaters and they will not going to pay you guys as we will be paid by 11.11.2013. They told us this. But from last four months we did not get a rupee from those cheaters. They used us and after asking for money they terminated us. Please help all the guys.

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  1. Guys, first thing: THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this & saving others from the fraud company including me & my friend.

    Second: Try to sue them – file a case of fraud against them – this is a bit difficult. But where there is WILL there is a WAY. If you really want to take a strong action against them you can approach your local labor law office here –


    tell them everything that happened & ask for their help

    meet with labor law officer who will guide you through the whole procedure,after that you can file your case

    From reviews I read, you also would have every type of proof of your employment with them – this will strengthen the case from your side.

    You definitely will get justice my friend good luck.