City Space, kolte patil – Denial of refund for 4 year and more delay in construction

My husband had purchased 2000 sqft office earlier around 12 years back from Kolte Patil. Seeing their service, quality of construction. We reinvested in City space office in year 2012 in viman nagar. we were assured that by June 2013 we will be getting possession if not then according to Maharashtra ownership act we will be refunded back the amount with 9% simple interest which was also mentioned in registered agreement.
As years passed by the construction till date has not reached 50%. But they have taken 90% of payment till date by sending reminders, calls and notices stating that if not paid then 18%interest will be levied.

I came to know that they still have to get some clearances regarding the last 2 floors out of 9 floors which will take another 3 years

Only after that they will start constructing the rest of the floors that’s the reason they are not constructing ahead of 5th floor

In February 2016 I verified from their office and that was true. so I had asked for the refund as per registered agreement.
They refused to give me back the money and the interest. As per their data I have paid 65% only, even after showing them their own produced receipts and my bank details through which the payment was made.

Their CRM head has the system of “MY WAY OR HIGHWAY”
We will be refunding you 65% only in that too stamp duty and registration will be deducted. so leaving me with 45% only

I wanted take appointment to meet Mr. Rajesh Patil since 8th Feb 2016. his assistant is unable to fix an appointment for past 2 months.

I am left with no option then going to the court

Be cautious when they can treat their loyal and old customer this way.
Having no responsibility regarding their commitment mentioned in the registered agreement
Feeling pride in not following the Maharashtra ownership act instead they treat it as their selling point


Sudha Bhushan


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