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Reported By: Rahul rajaa

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City travels. A popular transport which I booked on February 4 th 2018 12:00 am from Thanjavur to Coimbatore and which did not come due to bus breakdown . They informed me rescheduled me a bus at 12:30 am which arrived at 1:15 am . I paid rupees 390₹ to city travels for non AC sleeper and reschedule bus was semi sleeper non AC which was very late departure. I had to reach Coimbatore early since I had my regular work though I went through government bus .
I filed a complaint yesterday at city travels in Coimbatore (Gandhipuram) for my refund which i didn’t come through the bus. There was a guy who got my details and he spoke to sivasamy the owner of city travels and he said he will make sure that I didn’t travel through the bus with the driver and refund my amount .I called them yesterday night asked for my refund they said they would call me at 11 pm and confirm me still didn’t get any response . I called them today asking about refund there was another guy who spoke to me with abusing language I asked his name he hesitated to tell me . I am fed up really ..Do get me a justice

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  1. One of the worst travels I’ve even seen.We book our boarding point at one place and u ask us to get onto the bus in another place.No prior information of where the bus is coming,no information of the bus number, driver’s contact number…if u can’t run the bus please stop running it… don’t do such work…u change the boarding points at midnight 2 o clock and u expect us to come there otherwise u will leave us and take the bus…what sort of a travels r u running?waste of money and time