Classic Replica – My money is taken and ordered handbags are not being provided

Reported By: Tabinda

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Classic Replica Maharashtra

I paid Rs 5498 for two hand bags from classic replica aka royal things on 21/12/21 and received defective products on 24/12/21.Afyer several calls ,messages ,I wrote a review on which I received a mail to delete it and that they will take bag these bag and replace it with right order.they picked up the bags on 29/12/21 but haven’t received my order till yet and they are just delaying one picks the call or delivery the service.kindly help me to get my money back.I have each and every proof of above said.
My fear was validated by the google reviews of other victims.


How to file a complaint against Classic Replica?

* Go to page
* Write Classic Replica in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Classic Replica.

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  1. Classic replica has taken my money and has given me a damaged piece. And they are not replying or responding. They are saying they will take make the damaged bag and then later tell me when will they do replacement. They are not giving refund and if they take damaged bag also then they will have both. There no doesn’t work and they don’t reply. Please help

  2. The Classy Replica

    Hello Tasneem,
    Hope you and your family are doing well & safe from the pandemic of COVID 19. We are the classy replica aka known as ROYAL THINGS we are in the first copy business since 2015 and served more than 100,000+ customers. As we read your whole half story. We know we made mistake by sending you a faulty product which should not be delivered to you or any other customer. Tasneem you have bought many bags from us since 2015 but this time we just made 1 mistake in your order and you demolished our goodwill in the market without any proper communication with our team and posted this review.
    We see that your order was picked from our side on 29/12/21 and refunded for the same as per our promises given to you. We are genuine sellers and care about all the customers by uploading the video of the original replica product in the description for a better quality understanding of product. So that people can actually have a look at what they will be getting when they received the product in their hand.
    Hope for a better business relationship in the coming future.
    Thanks & Regards
    Team The Classy Replica