Click2employment – fraud fraud fraud

Last week I receive a call from Click2Employment, regarding a job opening in Singapore as Mechanical Engineer. These firm assured family visa with a high salary package, on that basis there representative Mr.Sushil Mishra (012441108437 / 09873067609) contact me by offering a good opening with a small registration fee. I trusted him and paid their requirements, but after that I came to know about their real faces. So I reject their offers and shows my interest in discontinuing their services, I lost my money. C2E committed that, they are ready for the refunds and nothing has happens till dates.!!!..

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  1. Mr.Akash Singh are you one of them to write something that is very difficult to digest bcoz i dont see them as genue site & nor they stick to their commitments. I mean we who write on this blog had register for jobs & paid the registration fee for jobs & for fun you write on this blog as u know everything about them dont you so please share with us I am really interested what are the things you did to get this job or you are just pretending that u got a job bcoz u are 1 of them the employer of so called click2employment or ssp carreer solution rply asap.

  2. Hi
    I too received a call from and they offered my the services. I went to the site and check the services and i opt for them and now after 45 days i m really satisfied with their products and now i got a job in havells as a manager – production as i m an electrical engineer. they build my resume in a really well mannered and showed me the right way to approach the job and they guided my for the interview too with interview cracker. i can’t believe that my profile was shared with 1500 consultants i.e. in almost a rupee my resume is reaching to the consultants and yeah i agreed that they took some time but good things will not happen in a day. We have to wait for the time.

    Guys all i want to say that the services are really good and one should go ahead and try these.

    Thanks a lot Click2employment team

    Thanks a tonn

  3. I am not agreed with these guys who are saying that click2employment is a fraud because I am an Electrical Engineer and i got a job in Havells with 35% hike in my salary. Yeah, I can say that they took some time but as we can understand that everything which need to happen will take time and we have to be patient and wait calmly as it is not necessary that every time these guys will have jobs ready for us. Guys who opt for the services will really come to know that the services are really benifitial and will help us to get a good job. I have my resume build by them and its really nice and they present my competencies in a very well mannered and because of this i got the job.

    Thanks to

    Thanks a tonn

  4. i am getting call from number 01204912600. firstly they told me that they call me from an government link consultancy which provide job. After a long discussion they show their AUKAT and call for money i am getting they are fraud and i cut the phone. Friends its my personel advice do not give money to such type of consultancies. If company need an employe then they give their advertizement in news paper. Be aware…..