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I purchased a flat from color homes ambattur. It was the worst flat I ever seen. From the beginning of construction i complained to them abt the bricks, workmanship etc. They brought workers from north who dont know nothing. I have so many pictures of all the works they have done. My flat is just 3 years old and during the recent rain everywhere it is leaking. all the walls have cracks, the walls are not straight, From the beginning onwards I have complained to them with pictures, Now I am in a very difficult situation, I dont know what to do. I have all the mails and pictures sent to them from the beginning. I am planning to go for consumer court, anybody who knows how to proceed, pls help me. My kind request for all those who is willing to buy a flat, first pls go and see the old flat which was constructed by them and speak openly to the flat owner so that you will a clear picture. Pls dont buy flats from them, it will ruin yr family.

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  1. Hi, NRI be warned, do not buy properties from Color Homes. They said they will give possession by December 16 but till July 17 they haven’t completed my flat. They are bunch of liars and waste of time, construction is so bad and you need to redo the tiling, plastering, electrical, plumbing & kitchen