Combination Counter Shree Market Hatibagan – Exchange Service Blatantly Refused

Combination Counter Shree Market Hatibagan Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: SNEHA SHAW

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Combination Counter Shree Market Hatibagan

On 27th April I bought a top .They promised that if I face any issue with fitting or product they will exchange within 7 days as mentioned in their cash memo.Next day I went to exchange defective top that I realised on wearing it.But the shopkeeper along with fellow shopkeepers blamed me and threatened to beat me and my mother.please take action against them so that they stop duping, harassing and threatening consumers,blaming consumers who come next day for exchange…. Yesterday it was my birthday and I went there for a peaceful exchange but the way shopkeeper started behaving badly from the moment I showed and asked for exchange.HE REFUSED TO PROVIDE SERVICE OF EXCHANGE AS MENTIONED IN HIS BILL….HE and his wife THREATENED TO BEAT ME and my Mother.

This is what we pay for..Please take action..So that we are not threatened by these frauds….Please….I’m afraid to go to that market now.

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