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Thanks sir, That u have published this message to all. Thanks a lot. I was also planning to invest with this company. I have switched on my pc to register with this company at this time but i saw ur aid on google immediately. I have also file a complain against a company named softech solutions in delhi . I submitted 1800 with this company and done the work but they have rejected my work having minor mistakes. Plz help me to file a complain against this company what should I do?

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  1. First all of you have to register the complain against these fraud company make FIR in the name of them. In that no one listen to you then
    you go with consumer Act Court register a complain against these company they can help you in solve your problem.
    Thank you !

  2. Aryan Dutt is a liar..He himself is a member of softech solution who are involved in popularising it..Actually softech solution is a fake company.

    1. Hello, i want to ask u and make it confirm that, is really softech solutions,delhi is fake or real? How long have u been working with this company? and what type of job is that?