Complaint against Pradeep Arora SAP HR

I have paid Rs 25000 to Mr Pradeep Arora for SAP HR course in the month of October 2013 and till date has not given me the receipt.
He had assigned Consultant Ridhi for teaching SAP HR. In the beginning this consultant presented herself well acquainted with SAP HR knowledge. Better later I realized she had only half knowledge of SAP HR. Nor are their systems well configured for SAP HR. I complaint about her to Mr Pradeep Arora about her teaching method and about the system not working well. but she convinced me stating since I am new to this course I didn’t understood the concept and the systems are not upgraded. She told me that whatever she is teaching me is more than enough to learn about SAP HR. Now it’s been 4 months. She told me that she has taught me everything about SAP HR but she has left the important topics like Payroll, Time Management and other configuration parts stating freshers will not be asked to work on these things and will learn when start working.
In the month of DEC 2013 I gave a test for SAP HR as there was some job openings for SAP HR in PRYM Enterprises. Mr Pradeep Arora said once the test is conducted I will be scheduled for the interview for SAP Job but did not reveal the company name. I was given the question paper it was all about Payroll, Time management and other configuration questions which was not given importance by the SAP HR. When I told about this to Mr Pradeep Arora he said he will share the same with the consultant. But now he is just delaying the matter and is avoiding me. Whenver I call he doesn’t pick up the phone nor the consultant Ridhi answers my call.
I have recently sent a complaint email to Mr Pradeep Arora about the course and consultant
I was waiting for this course to get completed so that I can fetch a job in SAP HR.
I think very soon this person may change his location from Goregoan East and will set uo his fraud business somewhere else to do the same with other students as well.

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