Complaint against THE MOBILE STORE- extended warranty scheme

I have submitted my mobile handset under the extended warranty scheme of THE MOBILE STORE on 6th September 2013.
Though they claim maximum time for repair 15 days, it has been a month and I haven’t received my phone back. Continuous enquiry at their Gujrat service centre, revealed that first the phone wasn’t picked up from the store (where the phone was submitted) for a week and from past 15 days lying for insurance approval at their service centre. Instead of redressing my problem, they asked me to contact the insurance agent person Mr. shailendra and request to process the matter. (Ridiculous!)

Seeing no resolution made a complaint at their call centre on 26th September Complaint No. MSC010026151. I still havent heard anything from their end Iam sure with this progress my hanset will remian with them for another 2-3 months pending insurance approval!

The details of the phone in concern are:
Invoice no: 7014/6207681
Invoice date: 13/05/2012
Model no: Sony Ericsson WT19i
IMEI no: 35850804-976388-1
Extended Warranty no: EXWAR555790
CLAIM REF NO: 1721/2013

This has not only lead to inconvenience, delay in delivery of my handset has forced me to buy a separate handset for Rs. 4000.
I expect to get the matter resolved at the earliest, failure of which will force to look for official legal actions.
All communications can be made to the email id:

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  1. susanta kumar das

    Dear all,

    Nokia mobile model 308 asha. that is very very thirdclass phone , but The mobile stroe service is very bad service,

    i have alredy 1 years before perches the 308 asha mobile phone ,two years warrenty. i think i have custmore 2 years warrenty think nokia care. that is not the mobile store warrenty.

    Today my phone is not working , nokia care employe speack to me then charge it. but why…?
    the mobile store i will visit then employee talk to me after 1 months service.

  2. hi apeksha,

    i have faced the same problem now, did you get any solution from their side?

    am moving to legal for a remady.

  3. No one is listening to these complaints , and funny thing is this first page in google search for Mobile store warranty. Who will take this stupid warranty …
    Wake up mobile store stupid , this is not the way to do business.