Construction Dignostic Centre – Pensa Media – Fraud Company

We had paid Rs. 28090/- to the Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. ltd., for running our advertisement campaign on Google adword on Internet, to Mr. Sudhanshu singh, Manager, Business Development, Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pramod Patil, Pune City Head, Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is looking after our Company promotion.
Even after the payment, M/s. Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. did not offered any services, which they have promissed.
After several request on phone & by mail, Mr. Sudhanshu Singh has visited our office & assured to start our Advertisement Campaign. But till date nothing moved further.
Hence we contacted Mr. Pramod Patil, Pune City Head,Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He informed us that Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. declared as bankrupt & the Director of the Company Mr. Neeraj Khanna, who is staying at New Delhi has ran away & Company has not even paid the salary of the Pune Office staff. Hence they can not do anything.
If the said amount is not received within 15 days then we will have no option, but to file a police complaint against Pensa Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & the Directors of the Company.

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