Conviction – Conviction Hub people

Hey Guys,

You need a proof for these Conviction Hub people, I have all in writing. I started their work in July, till date they are still assuring me of payments. Yes I agree to Pyramid and Manish, am also victim of same as I have not recieved a single penny from Conviction for the wok done by my center and people. If Roma is contradicting of all the issues and claiming the bogus names the how these people are knowing the names of your employees and director. Roma, you say about Police complains and Cyber Cell, wait for few days conviction is shortly recieving Legal Notice sent by My Advocate on my behalf. Failure of complying the agreement, this is the first time I have seen the first first party is voilating their own agreement. If Conviction have guts do deny what I have stated…I have more than 30 emails on follow ups for the reports and payments, even Mr. Avaneesh assuarance failed. Contact Me at +91- 9820480339

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