Conviction – Conviction Patna is fraud

hello everyone, I would like to inform all that the company Conviction, based in Patna is a big fraud company and beware of them. We worked with them for about 4 months but we didn’t receive the payment any more than 15k however it was supposed to be even more than 1.50 lacs. We didn’t use to get the proper reports nor the proper response from the company. Everytime we were given the new deadlines for the payments which were all fake. Finally when there was no hopes seen, I decided to go for this and take the legal actions to let others know. And with the best of my knowledge, I am sure there are other centres as well, who have been the victim by Conviction. If so, please contact us to proceed together.

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  1. mrs. Roma gupta tumhe ye to pata hi hoga ki main kaun hu aur mujhe kisi police complaint ki jarurat nahi hai maine tumhe samy diya tha tumne use cross kar liya ab main jis din tumhaare office aa gyaa waha aa ke tumlog ko phod dunga . Devesh tumlog ko sahar mein kisi bhi chauraahe pe pit sakta hai yaad rakhna dum ho to call kar ke bata dena kab aur kaha pitna chahte ho tm log… 7209520646

  2. Hey Guys,

    You need a proof for these Conviction Hub people, I have all in writing. I started their work in July, till date they are still assuring me of payments. Yes I agree to Pyramid and Manish, am also victim of same as I have not recieved a single penny from Conviction for the wok done by my center and people. If Roma is contradicting of all the issues and claiming the bogus names the how these people are knowing the names of your employees and director. Roma, you say about Police complains and Cyber Cell, wait for few days conviction is shortly recieving Legal Notice sent by My Advocate on my behalf. Failure of complying the agreement, this is the first time I have seen the first first party is voilating their own agreement. If Conviction have guts do deny what I have stated…I have more than 30 emails on follow ups for the reports and payments, even Mr. Avaneesh assuarance failed. Contact Me at +91- 9820480339

  3. Hi guys, its really bad that BPO is getting corrupted due to some cheaters or frauds. I was in search of non voice project for my own center and finally I got a mail from conviction about a project. I found it really good and searched their website where they have mentioned that they wont charge anything for the project. Now when I re-looked the mail I saw they have mentioned some charges per ID. Few days back again I wanted visit their site and it is expired. Even till now its expired. If they genuine and good people why they are not renewing their site and started giving genuine projects.

  4. we are a data entry hub based at patna and have nothing to do this complaint by concerned publishers pyramid global solutions and one more anonymous publisher. we hereby also confirm that we have not transacted any interaction with themat all on any kind as thier identity is not disclosed. it completely seems to be mischevious act of unscruplous people to extort money and defame image for sake of personal grudges. portals should ask for documentation evidence before allowing posts…………….

    i can be reached at 919955601666

  5. hi everyone involved in the post on behalf of conviction team, if defaming image is a soluttion we can also do the same with multiple fake accounts…. we have all evediences of payment made to each and everyone…..kindly as a true professional disclose your identity anfd put your numbers on screen itseldf so that proper solution can be provided…

    do not put a company and term it as a fraud because thier female business developement managers do not entertain your calls at night time, we do not pick calls sometimes .. that cannot be criteria for a fraud……. if you are very genuine kindly gve a compain to cyber cell or local police station at patna for fraudism.. but inspite of doing that you guys are settling personal grudges by spoiling firm name with fake identity… this is reallyyyy something which is quite distrbing for anyone…..

    moreover, i am not a fake identity and can be reached at 919955601666

  6. Its true I’m also cheated by this company all are bastards like Avneesh, big bastard Shashank and Roma haramkhor log sale not refunding my money