Corbus – I Biz Infosys Fraud Company

Another Company in India operating as Sharda Chit Fund…On a daily basis, from 10 locations, across India, many people are going to be cheated by one company, providing offline form filling work. Although the objective of all those people is to earn some income by investing their hard earned money of Rs. 4650/- , their time and effort, yet in return they do not get a rupee during the contract period and even the refundable amount of Rs. 1650/- after the contract period of 10 months. The company is I-Biz Infosys Pvt. Ltd., said to be ISO 9001-2008 certified, headquarter in Mumbai, operating from 10 locations across India. The message is to aware all those people, earning bread and butter for their families. Just to make sure not to involve themselves with this company. You can search out for any positive review about I-Biz Infosys Pvt. Ltd on Google. Ask from the company respective branch coordinators that if the income scope is so lucrative then why do they not join themselves as a user or client with this company rather than doing the job of getting people join with this company on a daily basis.

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