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Dear sir, Iam the customer of country club,vacations my name Raziulla g.r members ship card number is DTB-147-160 in our company people has called me 10-02-2013 you won on the first prize life time package of country club in country vacation allowed per year 7 (seven days package) and of holiday package is their only for 80,000 thousand,the manager and his executive name was balakrishna,who the in-charge of yelahanka Bangalore location and his team the convinced me i paid 40,000 after that they promised me they given commitment for issue permanent card no one resi called many times to constant person jagdesh and hari no responsive my call, please take Anticipating and reply i have taken a zing membership with countryclub and i made half the payments to mr balakrishna who sold me the membership.i have cleared all the payments.he has also provided me with a temporary receipt and didnt at all give a proper one. i contacted country club for this and they also dont seem to help me. i didnt receive the original membership cards.i kept on contacting country club.still no help from them.the agent promised me various privileges from country club and induced me to take the membership.once the membership was taken i contacted customer care to confirm that and they informed me that all are false.i complained them re this still they didnt help me,i have a written document from the agent with the company seal if you need evidence. please help me regarding the problem and the company has taken 40,000 rs from me .they have miss sold the product.please help me take Anticipating and reply me Thanking you Regards Raziulla 09886606246

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  1. Country Vacations Response Team

    Dear Sir, The inconvenience, in regards to your membership cards is regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues to “”, so as to help you and understand the issue better.

  2. Siva Subramanian

    Country club executive introduced Country Club details and tour packages.after joined country club executives full country club peoples full fraud in holiday packages.but health club is good.Ask extra money payto extra in holiday packages.

  3. Siva Subramanian

    You want any information contact me 971516218519.Dubai.but please call 7pm to 10 pm.Friday and Saturday any you call me