Country Vacation – Country Vacation – Fraud & Forced Membership


I got your reference from internet. I have been cheated by Country Vacation.

I went on thier Sarjapur Club for some free gift and for thier presentation. I had word with Tajpeer and he has shared some lucrative vacation package details. However, that was not within my budget so I said no on first presentation.

Then one of executive take me to thier hall area and says that you can also go for 24k package and get all these facilities. I asked Manager Tajpeer, he said yes and he has taken my card swipe it for 30k without giving chance to read the contract paper. I reached my home and read the contract paper, whatever he has communicated during meeting was not written in contract and some entirely different things were mentioned in contract.

He asked to submit my photo and bank information details to complete the transaction. I called him after reading contract wihtin 3 hours and said I will not provide any further documnets as I am not interested in this deal. Please cancel and return my money. I have filed a dispute case in bank so please don’t claim this amount.

He then forecfully enrolled me as member of country vacation without my photo and Bank account information on 29th Sep 2014. I sent email to thier customer care but no getting any response. Now Tajpeer is saying yes we did fraud and will not retrun you money. You can do whatever you want.

I also mentioned them 10 days cooling off period but they are not returning my money and cancelling my membership. Can you please help.

My forece membership ID # DT82/2 #0943

I am attaching email sent to all thier available email address. They are not responding.


4_10_CV_1 4_10_CV_2 4_10_CV_3 4_10_CV_4 4_10_CV_5 4_10_CV_6

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