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yes this is very much true countrywide just conduct only 2 interviews with me and both were from india only different person, before i sign up with them. they said i full Amt will be paid back, so i trust and carry forward, than the Manager, after few months she was not available, then some other person came on her place, after few money other person also was not available, again different person was in-charge and i was in touch with her, after my 2 interviews she said there will be no more interviews further and no more date, i don’t know what to do she suggest me to withdraw the application , so i asked her how much money will be paid back to me, she said as per the agreement, but i said to her tha she full AMT will be paid, than i spoke to her she changed her words, and said she did not gave any commencements, she is my in charge and she will decide about the refund.
Finally i agree to get my money refund but not all, just only 25 thousand, as i paid 80 thousands rupees, so guys there are just making money and cheating the people. Government have to take action against them.
So guys be careful before you put your hard earn money into this bulshit. All branch of countrywide employee are same character. During your first visit u will meet one person and when you visit 2 time you meet another person, when you asked about the first person they will say he/she is on leave or whatever, same next visit will be the same, I have a very bad experience with them.
So please be careful, before you do anything get information about them or not only countrywide other consultants either, before putting your money, its all about money..

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