Countrywide Visas – FRAUD, CHEATERS, LIAR,

Reported By: Priyanka purohit priyanka purohit

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Countrywide Visas

Interested in only taking money … Once that is done .. they won’t contact you back. Even if you call or email them. Atmost they reply you we will get back to you and forget you forever. This is how my husband is currently being treated.
My husband approached this firm for Canada PR and that they get him convinced for sign up(by PRIYANKA – FRAUD) and there after did not handle the case properly. He signed up on 30March, 2018 and AFTER SIX MONTHS (after paying all the fees and given IELTS) THEY ARE SAYING YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH CRS SCORE FOR THE APPLICATION AS PER YOUR PROFILE ASSESSMENT. The profile was assessed in April/May when WES fees is paid. But they were clever enough not to disclose that whatever he would do, score will not be good enough to clear the cut off. All they were saying give IELTS then we will calculate score. And hid this, that an estimated score can be calculated but NO they do not want us to know… Because they knew even if my husband get 100% score in IELTS the CRS score won’t shoot up to clear the cutoff.

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