I was the employee of the organization and i know in and out of the organization.
i realized the company itself is unethical. One thing that i want to brought to notice to all is The offer letter that you get is also a BIG FRAUD. They say, you get
15000 in HAND but actually your salary is 8000 and rest is performance allowance. They dont understand the meaning of inhand salary. And also they have not mentioned about PA anywhere in Offer letter. The company will be sued by court in this regard.
If anyone gets deducted salary, please join me in the mission of deducted salary retrival.

I also doubt about the ISO certification-which agency or body has certified this company. And whoich source has given 12th rank in recruitment indusry–every thing is fake on the website.

They have changed name of crbtech

The Most Important: They do not give any receiveings of Orignal Certificates. If you give originals, you dont have any proof They can misuse it for any purpose.

This Company does have any POLICY. And if you ask about policy, There is Walking policy i.e Mr. Director.
He announce about the incentive those who achieve target. It is Bul***t. You will not get a single penny.
Question:- Have you recived any mail about this? Ans: No.
You get news of halfday on the same day!!
Do you know the incentive policy?? Only director is eating money and you all are slaves of him in this 21st century.
( You have already realized)
The amusing thing: The break time- 20 mins (LOL) Even a daily labour gets more than 30 mins a day!!.
Another Amusing thing: You are working in big boss house (Pantry CCTV –I doubt Washroom also has hidden camera–LOL)–if you talk bad about company, they will listen and terminate you.
There is no HR Manual. You cant get even your salary slips easily. If you ask about it, they will see you with The company should provide salary slip every month. It is right of the employee.

Mr. Director, I got to know from students that you are running pirated version of software(Pro-e Catia etc) You are using crack version. You will get surprise visit of anti piracy squad.

I have already send a petition to court of not having PF policy and tranparancy in Salary structure.
They are eating money of PF.

It is a record that those who go from this organization, they abuse the director heavily and then go

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