– cheated mewith Rs 17450 INR

On 22nd october Mr. Amit from CV naukri called me gave some fake gyan on cv naukri benefits. I paid the amount reluctuntly and provided with all the details n my docs too. Today some Mr. Rahul called n told my id has to be created hence some of ur details are required. He made browsed on few links on cvnaukri site for some extra services. Though the amount of 15150 was coming he mademeclick by saying sir amount will not get deducted. I believed and paid the priceof another 15150 INR. Then I got suspicious and asked my money back. He said no problem n took me back to payment gateway, however this time I was carefull n did enter any details. Then he says no problem sir we will refund in your bank account. I had given my bank details n asked for the phone number. The phone number was of Gurgao and obviously wrong. The number given bythem was 01204118052. The mail ids used were and In total I have paid 17450 INR. Through my credit card. Hence please help me in getting back this sum. Regards, Aman Sachdeva

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