Cyclone Shop – Fraud call and dummy company ruind my money

I got a call from ms.shani sharma of cyclone shop she said the new company coming up in market instead of spending amount in marketing they give benefits to direct comsumers and said u buy labtop at 14% just paying the vat and product will be yours. and i paid 6100 amrond Amount. Than i got a call next day that if can participate in shop n win contest u may win car i said ok than i got a call next day and said i won car n i have to pay 19000 around amount for documtaion i had paid that too. Aagain i got a call say if u wish to take a cash instead to car i said ok n they process further. Than they said u have to pay 30000 around mount for transaction charges i had argue with them and said there wont be such a charges than i got call from Axis bank to pay the charges n i paid the amount. At day of transfer they call me asked to pay 50000 for return charges i said witch kind of this charge is n they said this big amount of 7lac it will return the amount from the account hence need this trasction to pay Than feel that i have got deceived by them.when i said i don’t wont to pay and dont wont any product n Price just refund my 55000 around amount . they not returning my money i wont to file fir against them please suggest me how to go ahead Dharmendra Rana 9099903763 [email protected]

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