I had booked Slique Hair Threading System(Quantity 2) on 19th March 2015. The product was Delivered on April 1st. I had ordered 2, but I received just 1. Order ID: 1000082790
Immediately within 30 minutes I called on 01204019113 and booked a complaint on D2HShop Customer Care and also emailed the details on [email protected]
Complaint ID: 335616.
On call I was told someone will get back to be within 73 hours. And I am still awaiting their call.
I sent another email to the same Email Address mentioned above after 2 days to check if there is any response on it but I have not received any response.
Today after 9 days when I called they said I need to wait for 24 more hours, I refused and requested to be connected to a Supervisor there and the call was dropped by the agent who spoke to me. His name is “Vikas”

I called again and provided all the details straight from the scratch and again requested to connect to Supervisor. He agreed to it and when I asked him the name of the Supervisor the call was dropped abruptly stating “The supervisor will himself tell his name” will definitely a rude and ill mannered tone. I do not remember the Agents name who spoke to me. That was a low quality agent who did have a sense of responsibility and courtesy.
When I called the third time the call was dropped by the agent immediately after I told him I want to check the status of my complaint number.

Its basically the call was dropped thrice intentionally and 2 of my emails were ignored.

I am still waiting to receive the other product after paying for it.

Required documents are attached

Email sent on 2nd April

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