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I booked Ubilslate 7Ci in first week of December 2012 and got it in end week of december in nonfuctioning condition. When i contacted the technical personnel, i was told to submit the device in Amritsar or in New Delhi Office. So on 9th January 2013 i handed over the device myself to delhi office to Mr. Abhinav Kumar and was told that i will get my device back within 15 days. But even after 1 month and more they told me that the device is non repairable and i can purchase a new one as upgrade offer. I rejected the offer and asked my refund. But now even after 6 months they have not contacted me about the replacement nor the refund. please go through the documents as i have more proofs and help me regarding my refund or a new device as replacement.

Mr. Pranava Shankar Mishra
Address:Department of Microbiology, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram

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