– no refund under return policy

Reported By: Cutemini

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Fraud website. Please do not order as the return policy is as per their convenience. I had ordered rabbit stick on bra from dealpick, and after trial i found that the product was not fitting as per the expectation. When i wrote to them for refund, they denied saying that the stick on bra comes under the category of personal health care and so no refund. I am wondering how can a bra fall under this category. Also they said that since i have tried the bra, the product is said to be used so no refund. I want to ask them that without trial, how will i judge the fitting of the product.

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  1. Dealzpik cheated as because I have ordered 4k full hd 1080p led projector and they give me a very very cheap and low quality local made bluetooth .Several time I will knock them but they didn’t give any answer or any clarification yet.
    I think some legal activity should be taken against that company.