Deals On Door Service Pvt. Ltd. – Desired product and assured gift

Today After a long follow-up I got my combo but it is not exactly the Item I ordered and there is no assured gift available as company promised to me before deal and during regular follow-up. Every time when I discussed with them about assure gift they promise me that it will dispatch with your combo. I think they are cheating with customers. I think same kind of promise they are doing with other customer also. You should safe all them by taking actions against such company. I am sending you attached mail in which they clearly promise for assured gift. (Company Name, Mail ID and product offering detail with assure gift all attached in mail) I got below mentioned items which is not as per offered item and shoe brand and size is also wrong which I mentioned 7 no. during confirmation call. Reebok shoe size 8 Reebok couple watches Reebok sunglasses Aluminum wallet
25_11_15_1 25_11_15_2

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