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Got a phone call saying dt our company is gonna launch itself thrugh media on 31st january 2018. You hv been selcted to get a prize in cntst where we see u as highest shopper in ur city. As u hv highest points u are assured to get a mahindra scorpio car. I dint belive first bt dey called me again nd again nd cnvinced me dt if i pay 2500 i’ll be entitled to recve 3benefits.1.a kit containing 7prodcts sunglass wallet watch etc. 2. A scratch card containing assured prodct upto 10,000 (she assured me dt she can say to cmpany to gve me a phone or any worthy prodct ) 3. Assurity of winning mahindra scorpio car.. I somehow managed to collect money to pay . Wen i paid dey said u hv to pay 20,000rs to cntinue else u ill be out of cntst. I refused to pay dey sent me a kit of 5prodcts nd dts it. Scratch card had headset in it bt dey said company cnt spend extra for delivering headset if u continue nd pay 20,000 den cmpany cn send it. So i got 5prdcts in 2500. I made dis order only to get the big prizes nd i got zero. Moreover dey made me suffer emotionally too cz i had olredy told dem dt i dnt hav much money to waste . Bt dey spoke big dt u cn chnge ur lyf u cn chnge ur family’s lyf . Company can benefit many pple. Etc etc. At home olso my fam wernt supporting in paying we ladies paid for it nd dey broke d trust nd respct olso. Very bad experience.

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