– online fraud is amongst the biggest scam companies operating in india.I recently got a call from their representative calling me about an offer of some combo pack that cost about 4999 rs saying that this offer was one time deal for which I had been nominated, with careful words and uncanny promises the lady made me pay the amount tthrough my credit card…then after a few days got another call from the company saying that my last transaction has made me eligible for the mega prize of an etios car …fro which I was to make a security purchase of 19999rs for a gold pendant which would also confirm the said prize…they were very convincing and deviously forced me into making the transaction. None of my products have arrived as of date andand it has been over 14 days now…on the other hand now they are calling me and still asking me to make a payment of 10000.this is one of the worst and most fradulent company in india.nevrnever deal with them.I would love it if this company is taken to court and other people who have been duped oof their hard earned .obey to please contact me for a joint effort to try anand clcloseclose this company…my e mail- [email protected] mail .

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