Dealsothon – Fraud and cheating..A cyber crime…

In January 2014, Miss. Gouri, an employee of the Dealsothon has called me that she is doing a survey from the company and offered me the membership of the 3 star contest and I agreed and paid Rs.2499/- After that she said that I have been selected for Etios Car and I have to pay Rs.39, 999/- to make me top purchaser and show our record to government. After that she again insisted me for an amount of Rs.29, 999/-. After two days she again called me that the payment was failed and thus I have to re-pay. So I denied any further payment and asked for return. But still the company has not made ant return, I have send so many mails but of no use. Mr. Rajeev Mehta was also involved in this cheating. All the talks are recorded in my mobile through auto call recording facility.

For the above I am havingall the details with proof.

All I want is my Money Back, along with interest. If not I will not be left any other option but to take this matter to cyber crime cell of delhi to get my money back.

Looking forward to get my money back.

Sujeet Kumar.
[email protected]

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