Dealsothon Online Pvt. Ltd. – wrong commitment

Sub:- Miss Gridline give by online (Internet) Shopping person. (Mr. Rajiv Mehta)

Dear Sir,

With reference to above subject we purchase from Bag it today, Dealsothon Online Pvt. ltd. purchase Date 8/01/2014 and 05/02/2014.
After the purchase we have received phone call No 011 47778907 date 05/02/2014 Time 11.00 am to 2.00 pm, 8 to 10 repeat call from Mr. Rajiv Mehta has inform our phone (9825323296) that your purchase as mention above has been refund by the company the same amount Rs.32598.00 (Rs.16399.00 + Rs.16199.00) for that you have to clear the processor and after the completing the same you will get your refund amount Rs.65597.00
For process he demand (Mr. Rajiv Mehta. Credit Card No, Address, Expiry Date, Email Id, Cell No. CVV No. on date 05/02/2014 we have give above details and he promise from the refund amount Rs 32598.00 you have to give a security deposit of Rs 32999.00 after that you will receive full amount of Rs 65597.00 Date. 10/02/2014 to 15/02/2014 and he promise that over phone without any written confirmation. he will not deducting any amount from my credit card.
But we have not receive any written (in writing) conformation or reply from him (Mr. Rajiv Mehta) all though without any written information he (Mr.Rajiv Mehta) deduct the amount Rs. 32999.00 On date 05/02/2014, time 13:14:24 at Dealsothon Online Pvt. ltd, from my credit card
So you are requested please help and your guide line in this matter and credit the amount Rs. 32999.00 in my A/c.
A waiting your reply,

they are not inform and put the order and dispatch the material directly by courier at my home. and material is not my selected, only for Dealsothon Online Pvt. ltd sleeted and send me. and not a given Properly Invoice.

Thanking you,

Chetan Limbachiya
Cell – 9825323296

cc: HDFC Bank Card Division
Query Reference No.:- 14038463139

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