Deduction of S Engineer’s Charges

Complaint Details:
I would like to inform you that, since installation of HD setup box about a year back, we did not had any type of problem. To day when we got message that my renewal is due on 8/10/2014, it was shocking to me, when contacted customer service, it is informed that, Rs. 50/- has been deducted towards Service engineer’s visit on 30/09/2014. I would like to inform you, neither any complaint was lodged nor called/ inform your service engineer for any type of problem, inspite of that above stated charges have been deducted.
We have also not subscribed Sonic Six pay chenel, but still charges for that have been deducted. We rquest you to please look into the matter and re-credit the deducted charged to my account.
Thanking you
B.K.Chapra, Customer ID 1898657

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