Deels4u – Fake contest

Reported By: Boniface chettri

Contact information:
Deels4u Delhi

They called me and told me that i am a winner for car. After that they told me that i am selected for brand ambassador of the company.
For all these they made me pay for different purposes like shopping,car booking,taxes,media updates, income tax verification etc .Also they told me that, to retain the first position i have to do shopping from them. Shopping was actually just payments and on the contest day they will return. The contest was on 31 oct 2019.but they cancelled and the reason was that their second prize winner’s wife suffered a hear attack and died. So the contest will be on 31dec 2019. I requested for refund.
They agreed and again asked for payment for the refund procedure. After that all phones are switched off.
My total amount is 506135 which i was supposed to get as refund according to them.
According to them their office is in delhi.
For refund also they made me pay for different processes like notary and legal procedures.
They told that i will get the refund by 12 nov 2019.
But since 11nov 2019 their phones are off and no reply on mail also.

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