deja vu trends – Order #100018080 – not recived

I have purchased 2 nos Dlink 2750U router

Order #100018080(placed on 15 March 2014 17:45:01 IST, Grand Total(Incl.Tax)Rs. 3, 818)

Till date I have not recieved the material

Recently Dejavu trends suspended my account

There support toll free no is always unacessible.

Their mail support is excellent as they will always try to take time from customer without giving suriety of product delivery.

Refund of money is never on their list

I have been duped

Advise all not to purchase fron Deja Vu Trends




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  1. Gaurav Ahluwalia

    Dear Mohammed, Similar is the case with me also, i have also ordered a pendrive from there website on 11 March 2014, which was never delivered & even Rs 1010/- was debited from my account. I would request you to raise a chargeback dispute request with your bank now (from which the payment has been made). This is the only way to get your money back from the merchant. Your bank will request merchant bank for reversing the transaction account after investigating the case. The he will be chargeback for the same amount. Do let me know, if you require any help from me in this matter.. I did the same process to get my hard earned money back from the mouth of these fraudsters…… 🙂