Deja vu trends – Order not shipped and denying to cancel the order

This is to inform that, I ordered a WD My Passport 1 TB External Hard Disk (Black) (order no: 100001819) on 2 January 2014. But till today I have not yet received the product from Deja-Vu Trends. I contacted customer support staff members and requested for shipping the order ASAP, even after requesting for 7 to 8 times through phone and e-mail there is no response from Deja-Vu Trends team to ship the product and when I try to contact the customer care there is no response for the call, some time they pick and they will say that they will only call back, but later no call or response and if they respond they tell that it will be shipped in 48hrs and sometime 24hrs and this they are telling from past two weeks. Also they are denying canceling the order and refunding the amount paid. I hereby request to take corrective action on Deja-Vu Trends So that they won’t fool customers in future.

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  1. Dejavutrends is fooling almost 200 customers daily.(Calculated according to order number data we revived from other buyers.) They are not even scared by threats of police complaints or consumer court because people are trying individually. Pressure can only be put if we unite. Many of us have united to get the refund. If you are also facing the same issue you can also unite on

    You can contact us directly at . I am also one of their customer (I buyed a phone from them worth 10k order number 100012359)

    We should not only fight for our refund but also for compensation for delay in sending the product / refund and Mental torture cause to us and for wasting our precious time.

    The owner of company Dr. Kaustubh Chokshi was associated with a major fraud in 2010 and he was arrested in that connection as well, for duping 1000 investors 3.14 crore rupees. So this is not his first time.