Delta Group Trading Company , – Fraud activites ,Forcing people mentally to invest money and didnt give the money back

Reported By: Ivin Alex

Contact information:
Delta Group Trading Company , Ernakulam

I get a message of a part time job via sms and i applied for it because they saw me the certification of their company and their manager is a member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly that what they said i will attach the file with this email.There part time job is that we want to increase the merchant order by investing our money to there account and we get commission for it . The 1st invoice task was 100rs task that we get 1 order to complete and i completed it and i got 30% commission from it.The 2nd task was 500rs task and want to complete 5 orders i completed it and i got the commission for it.Finally the 3rd task was 1000rs task and want to complete 6-8 orders also they said we can be there full time employe but the orders that received from that task was high so we want to recharge our account so that we can purchase the item so i recharged the account with around 22,500 rs and completed all 8 orders but my account shows 2 more orders to complete and i asked the customer service about it they saying in 1000rs task we get 8 task in that task we may get around 2-5 task in each task.All the task details and other things they says after the recharge to our the account.They using other brand names for this fraud activities eg(Amazon,Flipkart,eBay) etc i got about 40,000rs to recharge to finish the next task i did this job because i have no money but now i want to recharge about 40,000 to finish my task and withdraw my money.I have no that much money so i told them i don’t want your commission just give my money back but they are not returning my money they saying that i want to complete the task otherwise your money will got freezed there are so many fraud like this we can see it in browser and youtube about this fraud activities so i want to give a complaint about there company and their sites.kindly take action to this type of fraud activities.
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