– Fraud company who took 15000 INR and gave 4000 INR iteams Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Hitesh

Contact information:

In January 2017, I got a call saying that, ”We are calling from ecommerce website and you have won some point(85 approx.). So if you pay Rs. 2499 You will come in top 10 list to win a Celereo car. In return I will get JOPE HILLS kit.”
I did all this and got JOPE HILLS kit too. After that they told me to pay Rs.20,000 to be the number 1 in top-10 list to win the car. I did that too. But I didn’t receive any call after that for about a month. Then in February end I got a call saying that I need to pay Rs.73,000 as an insurance to get the car. I denied it and told them to return my money back, but they to refuse give my money.
Fortunately I got 5000 INR back as I paid it through IMPS which requires phone number of the payee in which they give wrong information so the money came back. Rest of 15,000 INR was paid through Paytm.

After paying all this money they told to give consolation price in return which I got it as below:1. Juice mixture-(RS.3000),2.Gold pendulum of lord ganesha (18 carat- 1000 Rs.)
3.Shoes (RS.499) Now when I am calling them asking for it they are saying that its Rs. 20,000 items.

Contact numbers of all the agents are as below:
1.Ravindra ARYA- 9313109009
2.Kinari Mehta-9971499009

Website link:
I am looking for a justice from you side.

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