Destek Infosolutions – Non Payment & Fraud by Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd

Reported By: Manjiri Godbole

Contact information:
Destek Infosolutions Pune

I want to file a complaint against Destek Infosolutions for fraud and non payment of employee salary. These people Shweta Dugad has been working as a Head – HR & Operations for Destek Infosolutions Private Limited and Mandar Lande who is An ambitious, dynamic and technically focused Serial Entrepreneur with over 10 years cross-industry experience. An individual who has been responsible for both are husband and wife who harass employees by making them work for 18-22 hours everyday. They dont let you go home at all! THere is screaming and shouting by CEO Mandar Lande who is very ucultured and has no manners to behave even with female employees. Even female employees with 2 children are made to work 12-18 hours with their children waiting at home. Late night and after company hours female employees are kept by Mandar Lande and then late night no transport is provided to go home. Is this how company handles mothers?

All salaries in every company are are happening on 1st of every month but with Destek Infosolutions Mandar Lande and Shweta Dugad Lande payment is made anytime between 10th of the month to 25th of the month. Sometimes they dont pay employees for 2-3 months to check if they will leave or not. It is a very abuse company to work in.


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