Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd – Employee Abuse and Fraud by CO-FOUNDER, CEO Mandar Lande Destek Infosolutions

Reported By: Rashmi Aher

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Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd Pune

Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd and IT Products and Services company has been booked by the Pune Police for Fraud and outstanding dues to clients and employees to the tune of 28 Lakh Ruppees.

The website for Destek Infosolutions is and the company claims to be ‘a full spectrum Digital Transformation Agency helping clients leverage technology to achieve new levels of business efficiencies. From ROI has driven social marketing campaigns that rain leads and conversions to refreshingly vibrant websites and mobile apps that act as sales engines, Destek Infosolutions’ 250+ global customers stand as a testament to our strong technology backbone that has helped clients achieve unprecedented levels of business synergies through Digital Transformation.’

More than 25 staff and employees of on a commission-only salary were horrified to discover that the company they worked at — some for years— was completely faked. A FIR has been filed at the Viman Nagar Police Station Pune against the owners Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd & Anirudha Kotgire – Destek Infosolutions Private Limited taking into account the huge amounts that they defrauded clients and employees out of.

An employee working in software development at Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd under anonymity shared his experience with Pune News, “Destek Infosolutions does not have a professional working environment. The founders Mandar Lande and Aniruddha Kotgire harass employees with violent shouting and screaming. The working hours are a torture with 16-22 hours of working daily. Our salaries are not paid on time. 25 employees who have resigned have still not received their salaries. These employees come from poor backgrounds and cannot hire lawyers to take action”

Another female employee while narrating her experience with Destek Infosolutions shares, “ I have a family and 2 young daughters. The founders Mandar Lande knowing this still kept me back at work forcefully until 11 PM in the office. The salary was never on time and an extremely abusive culture by Mandar Lande went on at Destek. Female employees like myself were kept back till late at night and no transportation is provided to go home after 12”

The Investigating officer at the Viman Nagar Police station when interviewed mentioned that they have received the complaints and are investigating all proofs including video and audio recordings of employee abuse presented to them by all employees.
The Pune News spent a year investigating Destek Infosolutions, which turned out to be an elaborate rouse and fraud to defraud employees led by 3 frauds, CO-FOUNDER, CEO Mandar Lande, CO-FOUNDER, MD Anirudha Kotgire, HEAD-HR AND OPERATIONS Shweta Dugad who turned out to be the wife of Mandar Lande.

Mandar Lande and Destek Infosolutions has over 2500 followers on his social media and his Linkedin page was bursting with glowing endorsements, but the employees have a different story to tell about employee harassment, abuse, fraud and outstanding dues to the tune of 25 Lakh Rupees.

The website of this company is an the company has multiple addresses the latest being Office no 202B, Town Square, New Airport Rd, Mhada Colony, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India
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Anirudha Kotgire Avinash, Mandar Popat Lande, Chandrakant Appasaheb Patil Bhoje, Kapil Mahesh Kumar Jhaveri, Gurmeetsingh Bhamrah


Employee Abuse by Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd

Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd


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  1. Rushabh Raisoni

    Absolutely right complaint.
    I have faced such issues and I left the organisation.
    I did knew that I was not going to get my salary (FNF Settlement), but was not able to survive in such worst environment.

    It is painful that they they make every employee believe that company is growing and we are on the peak, and when it’s time where we are supposed to get our salary, they take more than 45 days to credit our salary.

    I agree, that I got to learn good things related to my career and I am thankful for it, but the way they treat their employees and act like they don’t care about anyone, it feels suffocating to work.

    Female employees are also not safe to work here, these people are rude, abusive and literally yelling like animals.

    It’s a full of garbage company, I can say.