Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd – Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd

Reported By: Riddhi Malhotra

Contact information:
Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd Pune

Dear Sir,

We want to submit this complaint against Destek Infosolutions Pvt Ltd which is run by Mandar Lande CEO and Founder Destek Infosolutions, Shweta Dugad Lande-HR Head and Mandar Lande wife, Aniruddha Kotgire MD Destek Infosolutions located at Office no 202B, Town Square, New Airport Rd, Mhada Colony, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India

Mandar Lande and his wife Shweta Dugad Lande along with Aniruddha Kotgire are running a fraud scheme under the name of digital business and transformation. They have taken money from us promising us of Ecommerce website where people can order out products online. They have taken 4 Lakh Ruppees from us and promised to digitize our business of grocery stores but we did not get anything. This company Destek Infosolutions fooled us out of 4.3 Lakh Rupees and did not deliver the website, payment gateway or other digital activites. When we are calling them on their helpline for follow up on the website employees say they have left the organization because their salary was not paid.

We had hired directors of this company Aniruddha Kotgire and Mandar Lande for website development and ecommerce store development but they only ran away with our money. Our website keeps failing and is full of problems and headache for customers.

Over 4 Lakh is owed to me and my partner and we will be filing police complaint for fraud against Destek Infosolutions and Anireddha Kotgire and Mandar Lande.

On their website it says Destek Infosolutions is a full spectrum Digital Transformation Agency helping client’s leverage technology to achieve new levels of business efficiencies but in reality it is fraud any employee of this company if he is called says the same thing as when we called them we got to know that Mandar Lande and Anuriddha Kotgire directors of of Destek Infosolutions did not pay them and ran away with salaries of his own employees along with fraud with clients. After talking to employees further my partner found out that Shweta Dugad Lande is Shweta Dugad – Destek Infosolutions Private Limited – LinkedIn and is wife of Mandar Lande who both abuse employees and blackmail employees with salaries being paid as per behaviour of employees.

Clients are deceived with false promise of startup and employees are Office no 202B, Town Square, New Airport Rd, Mhada Colony, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, Indiawith false promise of salary and they make employees work like slaves.

This company has fooled me and my investors of lakhs. Destek Infosolutions is run by Mandar Lande, his wife Shweta Lande and Aniruddha Kotgire. I had meeten these people at investor meeting in Mumbai with Kapil Jhaveri and then since youngsters have run this company I thought of giving my work of Digital Marketing my Jewellery business to them.

But as soon as payments were made this Mandar Lande and Aniruddha Kotgire stopped answering our call. My finance team an marketing peoples have been calling and calling to these people and their manager but all people have left company.

This is a fraud organization run by these people please dont trust these people

I highly regret hiring Manda Lande and his team for my e commerce project.

1. Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd Mandar is a dedicated individual, with an eye for detail and managing deliveries successfully. He was the most enthusiastic and charged up member of the APAC

2. Shweta Dugad – Destek Infosolutions Private Limited A Goal Driven, Dynamic, People & Process Oriented seasoned HR professional with varied, rich, hands-on experience of having dealt with different facets

3. Anirudha Kotgire – Destek Infosolutions Private Limited Entrepreneur, Learner, Political Strategist MD, Destek Infosolutions. Pune, India

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